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We create

a beautiful and

healthy future.

 We make a healthy and bright future 
through the development of integration technology
of drones and organic compounds.




Dronic offers a wonderful and healthy future through the development of smart technologies that involves drones and organic compounds. We continue to pursue client satisfaction and trust through creativity and innovation.


Our Solution

Our Solution



We offer a variety of drone technologies such as, Automatic aerosol-dispersing UGV, Autonomous-flight drones and Drone shooting entertainment



We developed heart leaf extract based natural anti-biotics, animal feeds and natural skin care products safe for the skin and the environment

About Team

About Team

Based on trust and extensive experience of the members,
Dronic is engaged in H/W manufacturing, distribution and S/W development business. 
We have accumulated experiences in SI development in various fields such as
domestic manufacturing, finance, logistics, distribution, and e-business.
Based on these experiences we aspire to boost client profits through SI consultation
and system development services.


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