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In cooperation with researchers from ChungBuk University, we have successfully developed a heart-leaf extract based feed additive that help improve farm conditions and prevent certain diseases in livestock. 


Heart-leaf Extract

We have developed a patented organic solution made from houttuynia cordata (heart-leaf) extract containing the active ingredient Dacanoyl acetadehyde. The extract, which acts as an antibacterial agent, is 40,000 times more effective than sulfamine, thus making it an effective natural solution to keep farms clean and healthy.


Effective Microorganism

One of the organic inputs to improve farm management is microbial and antioxidant solutions that stimulate animal digestion. Stabilization of intestinal microbial balance generally reduces the odor of farms.


Organic Skin Care

We offer a balanced, healthy beauty by developing natural skin care products using organic materials that are suitable for sensitive skin.

Heart-leaf Natural Soap

A natural soap made with heart-leaf extract and honey, which are  proven to be effective for skin care. Our soap is mild and does not cause irritation making it suitable for consumers with  skin problems such as, atopic dermititis.

Natural Skin Care

We are also developing serum and essence, which are based on organic ingredients that consider not only the safeof our consumers but also the environment.

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